Parents trying to raise £40k to hire teacher for school
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Our 'small but mighty' Lerryn Cof E Primary School in the village of Lerryn, Cornwall, needs to raise £40k to keep second teacher at their school to avoid ultimate closure. Parents and members of the local community need to raise the money in a matter of weeks if we hope to maintain the current level of education at our local village school.
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Our tiny village school has just one teacher - please come and teach us
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Cornish village raising £40k to keep second teacher at local school
Thanks to everybody in the village who has been so supportive over the last few weeks, with ideas, encouragement and fundraising!! The families of Lerryn Primary are truly grateful. We are delighted to be able to tell you that an advert for a 0.6 teacher, for one year, has gone live this week. This will allow us to maintain one teacher for key stage 1 and a second for key stage 2, until lunchtime each day. The classes will then combine in the afternoon.This plan provides a greater piece of mind to those parents who are currently wondering if we will be back in this place in 12 months time. A two year plan gives us firm foundations to grow and develop as a school - that is why we chose not to use all the funds for a one year, full time post. We will keep up the pressure to secure the rest of the funding target (£40,000) and in this way we will cover the salary of the second part-time teacher for another year. We are extremely confident that together with the community we can reach the £40,000 target, and we will continue to fundraise to make this happen, we already have had some amazing suggestions and offers of help. The LSA will hold all the money in our account, this is completely separate from the Trust and we will only be handing over money to them for specific teacher recruitment purposes (the Trust have promised that any money given to them from the LSA will be ring fenced for teaching purposes only). We have met with the new Teaching Head Mrs Riggs (we now have a 5 day a week Head and will not be sharing her with St Winnow) and we have a lot of confidence in both her abilities and her passion for school growth. The LSA are already helping with promotional tools to help the school attract new pupils. We have a new Playgroup starting in September, the Nursery has exciting future plans to expand into a form of forest school using the school playing field. But in the meantime they will be supported by Mrs Clarke, a EYFS leader, along with Mrs Riggs who has already had success in creating outdoor based nurseries in her previous school. The trust is giving the school extra support with their team of school leaders who excel in different areas to come into school to keep standards high. We have purchased a banner to promote the school outside the village, and created a pamphlet to deliver across new housing estates around our area too. We have a hard year ahead of us but our spirits shall never waver and we will continue to hold conversations with the village and parish councils and continue to work to create those wrap- around care ideas and offers of help to really make Lerryn school a wonderful place once more. We are so thankful that your donations have given us the time and the means to do this. At Lerryn, we truly believe that it takes a village to raise a child. We are incredibly grateful to have a committed community who value the importance of education,community and family!